How to Make Ramadan FUN for Kids

May 1, 2019

I love it how enthusiastically my daughter waits for Ramadan and is so excited when it is upon us. I have always tried to make it a positive and a more special month of the year for her, as it is SubhanAllah! Even though our mini muslims do not know the deep amazing reasons why Ramadan is so important, just making it fun and positive will InshaAllah have a good effect in their future and help them make the most of Ramadan in their adulthood.

Here are some ways to have fun with the tiny Muslims in your lives!

1. Decorate the house together
Welcome Ramadan with a handmade cute banner and blow up some balloons and hang some pretty lights. Show your kids how this month is so festive, and important. If you have space, make a prayer corner for them and you. It will help them understand the importance of having a strong connection with Allah and he is all who we ask from.


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2. Good deeds jar
Something similar to what we talked about earlier in dos and donts of Ramadan, doing is so important and what better month to polish and reinforce good habits than Ramadan, the conscious effort to be good and to try to be your best self actually helps mould you for the year ahead. And a reward in the end makes their tiny little days!


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3. Baking star, moon shaped cookies
Kids love baking, they love eating the cakes and the cookies they make. Make Ramadan special and bake some yummy treats. It is even more fun if you use star and moon shapes, or a mosque one if available. Just add more to the essence of Ramadan, and decorating them is more fun as you get to let them sneak in the extra sugar


👉Check out this page for more ideas!

4. Read Ramadan related books
Alhumdulillah, we are in a time where the resources are endless and readily available globally. In the last decade I think, people have developed amazing Ramadan related introductory books, picture books, board books. We talked earlier about some of our favourites. Invest in one or two and read them, and InsaAllah it will help build the love and excitement of Ramadan!


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5. Throw a party
Kids love to party and play and hang out with their friends! Me personally, I don’t have energy to do much in Ramadan, we share food but hosting parties or going to them is not something we do. So, a before Ramadan party is a good way to start Ramadan with a fun note. Ofcourse Eid parties are equally fun but sometimes it’s more family oriented. This one should be for the kids and their friends exclusively. Grab a few goodies from the dollar store and with the decorations up already and the cookies in the oven, you are ready to start this blessed month, and guess what, so is your little muslim :)





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