The Dos and Don’ts story - A forever favourite memory 🌺

Ah Ramadan! I think we all have so many good memories of them. It’s such a feel good month, SubhanAllah! The things you do make an impact for you and do make you ponder on your spiritual self if not change.

I think my personal favourite is from my childhood. It was the teen years and I don’t know how my mom managed to raise the four of us mashaAllah (here struggling with two tiny ones) but she did something with us every year that is just etched as a Ramadan must do now.

She used to sit with us and take a card board and make a Dos and Don'ts of Ramadan chart. Dos included some extra good deeds we will strive to do, like recite more Quran than our usual daily goal, possibly finish through them, not fight among the siblings, smile, help, etc. Basically go the extra miles. But the don’ts of Ramadan was the neatest idea. Things we do daily, not sinful but procrastinating and as a teen necessary I guess, which we can live without were added to the list, like watching tv, or reading fiction books, for that one month, for the sake of Allah, for acknowledging the blessings and for striving the hardest to get the most out. We followed our dos and don'ts almost religiously (we still fought amongst the siblings sadly 🙈 Haha) but now I can’t believe it but those habits just stuck and I love them.

My kids are too small for don'ts of Ramadan, I already do good deeds in Ramadan but I follow the don'ts even now, there’s no check, no mom, no need but they feel compulsory to me and I keep nagging my husband too to follow them (let’s just say we agree to disagree on those. Hehe) I am truly indebted to my mom for making me always strive to get the maximum out of this month and for being an exceptional role model in this regard and everything else😘

Who does a Dos & Don'ts list in Ramadan? And share your favourite memory too, we can always learn something new!

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