📚Our little Muslims' Library 🤗

Little Muslims' Library

These books are tried and tested, ultra kid friendly and engaging! Our kids have enjoyed them so much alhumdulillah and we have linked them all below for you all to try! We know our collections has only scratched the surface and with Ramadan coming up soon, we are gearing up to add to our collection of books for our kiddos. Share a photo or comment with the name of your favourite book and help us find more of such amazing books out there! Happy reading with your mini Muslim 😀

📚"Good Deeds just to please Allah" & "Five Pillars just to please Allah" by Rabia Bashir 👉@preciousbees 📚"My First Wudu Book" 👉@shade7_ 📚"I love Muhammad (s.a.s)" by Aleeza S. 👉@the_odd_muslimah 📚"It's Jummah" by Najia and Lyazzat 👉@ 2CuriousHearts & @zainabmade 📚"Allah gave me two ears to hear" by Amrana Arif 👉@kubepublishing 📚"At the Masjid" by Umm Yousef👉@compassbooks 📚Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns by Hena Khan 👉 @chroniclebooks 📚"Ramadan" by Hannah Eliot 👉@simonandschuster 📚"Allah made them all" by Khadija Lockhat 👉 @goodwordbooks 📚"abc of Allah's world" by Rahila Abdul Aziz 👉@hibamagazine 📚"Allah made everything" by Maryam Manzoor 👉@muslimum.insta 📚"Brother Salaam" by H B Sahibzada👉STI School Publishing 📚 "It's Ramadan Curious George" by Hena Khan 👉@houghtonmifflinharcourt . #itsjummah #itsfriday #childrensbooks #islamicbooks #islamicgift

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