🐥DIY DUA Project - a fun kid activity, PART 2🐥

DIY Dua Project

We did the beautiful, fun sleeping and waking dua project earlier this year and though had planned to do more weekly and we did alhumdulillah, but we never got around to making the dua cards reminders and pasting them around the house.

Alhumdulillah, just finished 2 more (4 Duas in total). They are great reminders and my daughter actually questions us wether we said the dua especially when using the bathroom 😂. Alhumdulillah it’s been a good practice for us adults in the house to keep the spirit of using Duas constant and alive.

It’s also a great hands-on activity, printing, colouring, pasting, taping, laminating. It makes learning and remembering to say them fun and it’s fun for the kids to see their art in something important.

How do you encourage making dua everyday with your kids?

Jummah Mubarak everyone!!!

#dua #itsjummah #kidsactivity @ Waterloo, Ontario

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