😍"I am a big sister!"😍

😍"I am a big sister!"😍 by Ronne Randall and Kristina Stephenson. We got this book from the library after Aylin's baby brother Ali was born... But we were preparing her verbally beforehand and Alhamdulillah she was always very loving and caring about her baby brother since she saw him for the first time. I feel like this book helped more with the adjustment later on as it talks about everyday routines like a diaper change, giving a bottle, putting a baby to sleep. It tries to involve the big sister in these activities, mentions that she was a little baby too so Aylin does not feel left out, and also emphasizes how lucky is Ali to have such a helpful big sister 🤗 The book ends with the big sister having an ice-cream, so we usually end up having an ice cream too 😋🍦

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