DIY DUA Project - a fun kid activity.

Week 1 (Duas for when we wake up and sleep)

If there is one thing I have learnt, that is these little Muslims are eager to learn - anything and everything and all the time. With the right amount of fun, there can always be an element of Islam you can add in to learn.

This motivated me to start the dua project. First I thought of buying stickers or printing it. Me and my daughter try to recite daily Duas in our usual routine. I then thought of making it more hands on and to reinforce it I made relevant dua drawings which she coloured and cut and pasted on paper, we added in Duas and bordered it with washi tape to me the cutting a little neat. In the end, I laminated it so we can put it on her wall beside her bed. I think it will make a cute dua book as well when she is older! What do you think of it? She loves it alhumdulillah! Always looking for ideas, how do you go about learning Duas with your little Muslims? 🙂

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