Ramadan by Hannah Eliot

Simple statements, Board Book, colourful and completely relatable! This Ramadan book was perfect to get my daughter excited about Ramadan 🙂

I did a lot of research trying to find the perfect book to introduce Ramadan to my daughter. There are many options now alhamdulillah, but I felt she is still too young (almost 3) to grasp the concepts of most.

Until my friend recommended Ramadan by Hannah Eliot published by Little Simon of Simon and Schuster which she happened to glance at the library. I looked it up and knew it was the one. And it is.

The book has broken down Ramadan into simple things and relatable basics for small kids and ends with the festive celebrations of Eid and it’s actually a great information book for non-Muslims too. Check it out at your local libraries bookstores or buy at Amazon. 😊

Disclaimer: these book reviews are completely our own initiative. We are not getting paid by the authors.

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