Say Salam to "Brother Salaam"! (Must have books for little Muslims)

We are back with another book recommendation for our little Muslims out there. This one is a unique and very fun book and an amazing resource to introduce simple concepts of Islam to children.

Meet “Brother Salaam” in Tales from Dhikarville is one of the introductory books from a series of book based on a town. While the rest of the series has different stories and events with the members of this community, this one book introduces all the "brothers and sisters" in the town in an interesting fun way. Brother Salaam takes us around introducing members as "Brother Sawm", "Brother Taqwa" and "Brother Hadith" and so many others. Children grasp on to the names and the concepts with a lot of fun and this can be further built upon by reading the rest of the series available in form of fun stories. Lets make Islam fun!

Check them out.

Meet all the members of Dhikarville

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