"My First Wudu Book" - Must have books for Little Muslims!

Once a month, we will feature a must-have book for little Muslims insha'Allah. It will be sort of a book review and also a way to grow Islamic resources for your child. One of our firsts is right below 🙂

The act of wudu was something Safiya saw me do several times a day. She used to sit on the countertop and observe and play with water. “My First Wudu Book” by Seven Shade Publishing was an amazing resource that helped her learn how to do wudu at just about 18 months old. The images change colour when splashed with water reinforcing learning and practice and it was a favourite part of bath time every night. Within weeks I was amazed to see my daughter directing me through my wudu. SubhanAllah!

Are your kids curious about wudu too?

Check it out at


Available at Amazon and other bookstores as well 🙂

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