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Salamun Alaykum our dear supporters!

We would like to give you a small update on the progress of the books you have supported:

1. All the ZainabMade calendars, cards, magnets, and bookmarks are printed and ready to be shipped out. 2. All the envelopes with proper addresses are also ready and waiting to reach their owners.

AND the books, the most important...

3. Unfortunately, we had a very bad experience with our printing facility in Lahore, Pakistan. The books that we have received from them did not meet our quality standards and we want the best quality for the kids. Therefore, we are currently negotiating with another printing facility to re-print our books. We are doing our best to deliver your orders in the near future. However, due to these circumstances, the books will be delayed. We are hoping to get them shipped by the end of September, insha'Allah.

Our sincere apologies for this delay, and please pray for Allah to help us on this adventure.

JazakaAllahu Khair for your patience and understanding!

P.S. If you have more questions on this matter, please do not hesitate to email us at

Sincerely, Najia and Lyazzat

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