Our Story...

Once Upon a time...


Our daughters' passion for reading made us realize there are NOT ENOUGH Islamic baby board books for their age for teaching and learning Islam. This thought led us to the creation of series of Islamic baby board books catering to their young minds to strengthen the bond with Allah and religion and learn about the world side-by-side.

What is so unique in these books?

They are:

  • For babies (ages 0-2)

  • Simple (less is more and less distracting for the young ones!)

  • Colourful ( makes it attractive and engaging)

  • Educational (learn Islam, learn routines, learn about the world)

  • Good resource to simple Islamic principles (foundation is everything!)

Our vision 


"It's Jummah!" book is the Bismillah to our 3 series, and 9 baby board books. While this deals with just the Sunnahs and a good Muslim Jummah routine, the upcoming ones have Islamic knowledge and pre-Montessori education (like shapes, colours, fruits and vegetables, etc.), so babies can learn them both at the same time. Also we aim to translate these books in the future and have them in multiple languages! My friend and I, Pakistani and Kazakh, have a strong desire to keep our mother tongues alive. InshaAllah, we plan to translate them to Urdu, Kazakh, Russian, Arabic, Bengali, and other languages.