May 1, 2019

I love it how enthusiastically my daughter waits for Ramadan and is so excited when it is upon us. I have always tried to make it a positive and a more special month of the year for her, as it is SubhanAllah! Even though our mini muslims do not know the deep amazing re...

February 26, 2019

These books are tried and tested, ultra kid friendly and engaging! Our kids have enjoyed them so much alhumdulillah and we have linked them all below for you all to try! We know our collections has only scratched the surface and with Ramadan coming up soon, we are gear...

February 16, 2019

We did the beautiful, fun sleeping and waking dua project earlier this year and though had planned to do more weekly and we did alhumdulillah, but we never got around to making the dua cards reminders and pasting them around the house.

Alhumdulillah, just finished 2 mor...

January 23, 2019

It's true that beautiful things have dents and scratches too... Unfortunately it is impossible to get 100% ideal books from the printers. Fellow publishers will understand 😩
Alhamdulillah we are so close to being sold out! Only few imperfectly perfect "It's Jummah!" b...

December 22, 2018

How do you guys make your kids wash their hands after they go the bathroom? It was always a struggle for us 🤦‍♀️ So one day I asked my 3.5 years-old Aylin why she didn't want to wash her hands and her answer was "because it doesn't say so!". Pretty straightforward, hu...

September 22, 2018

⭐️Five Pillars and ⭐️Good Deeds by @preciousbees 
These colourful books came all the way to Canada from our friend-mom-sister-enterprenuer in UK! We absolutely fell in love with them and this is why:
The text is written in rhymes so parents can sing along with...

August 18, 2018

Hope everyone is having a blessed Jummah! Today we wanted to share our DIY Eid cards! Had a great time with my daughter making these different styled, yet fun sheep Eid postcards. It also helped us discuss all about the origins of this Eid. How is everyone else preppin...

July 22, 2018

😍"I am a big sister!"😍 by Ronne Randall and Kristina Stephenson.
We got this book from the library after Aylin's baby brother Ali was born... But we were preparing her verbally beforehand and Alhamdulillah she was always very loving and caring about her baby brother...

July 7, 2018

Week 1 (Duas for when we wake up and sleep)

If there is one thing I have learnt, that is these little Muslims are eager to learn - anything and everything and all the time. With the right amount of fun, there can always be an element of Islam you can add in to learn.


July 1, 2018

 Must have book! Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors
Book by Hena Khan

It’s book recommendation this week and the title pretty much says it all! I had read all the great reviews of this book and was very excited to buy it for my daughter. Our first...

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